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Tuesday, April 27th… our OUTLET DAY is back!

It’s the end of the month, and as always, the last Tuesday of the month is for our… OUTLET DAY!

You know we’re turned it into a tradition to make the last day of the month better than the others. Buying things on sale is really another way to shop.

Take note! This TUESDAY, APRIL 27TH, 2021 from 12am until 11:59pm is our OUTLET DAY.

You have 24 hours to buy over 300 products with up to 50% off, so you can go ahead and warm up so you’re the fastest one and you get all the items you wanted.

Due to the current situation, this offer is will not be happening in our store in Madrid. If you live in Madrid and you want to buy pieces from our OUTLET, you’ll have to go online. You can always select CLICK & COLLECT 😉 as your shipping method and pick it up in the store.

Our stores in Valencia and Zaragoza will have the sale in the store.

Don’t forget out conditions for our OUTLET DAY:

  1. Offer valid on Tuesday, April 27th in Valencia and Zaragoza and on our online store.
  2. The items in this sale are subject to a limited stock and will only available while supplies last. We cannot guarantee the continuation of any of our items once the sale is over.
  3. During this offer, there will only be one discount applied, nullifying the other tariffs for the items.
  4. No returns will be accepted for sale items, unless it is a faulty product.
  5. Offer is not available for large purchasers.
  6. This offer will only be for certain items.
  7. During the sale, you cannot apply any other discounts or loyalty points. They will not be earned on this order either.
  8. Due to the influx of orders from sale days, they may suffer slight delays to be sent.

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