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Chain earrings and ring to show off. New capsule collection.

The chain will always be a classic so these silver earrings and ring will become must haves this season.

Lately, silver chains are super trendy. It doesn’t matter if you wear 1, 2, 3, 4… or as many as you want. It opens up a world of possibilities for how you can wear different pendant and types of chains.

Have you ever seen how silver chains are made? I have had the chance to see it and it’s hypnotic. To see those huge machines creating chains link by link is very impressive, as they make meters and meters of chain in different thicknesses.

The good thing about chains is that they’re a classic that we’ll never stop wearing. We can keep changing the design’s thickness and shape, like we did with these silver chain earrings and ring that we’re showing you today.

Do you want to see them? Let’s go!


Available in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, they’re 30mm long and a perfect earring for any occasion.


Available in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, this open ring will become everyone’s favourite. The good thing about this model is that it’s unisex; anyone can wear it and since it’s open, you don’t have to worry about the sizes. I should mention, however, that it’s a sturdy ring and not easy to manipulate and change its size.

I hope you liked these earrings and ring in silver as much as we did. We know they’ll become fundamental pieces for any collection.

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