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Buy recycled silver & take care of the environment with Com-Forsa

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Little by little we are becoming more aware of how important it is to take care of the environment, so today I want to talk to you about something very important, and that’s that you have been buying recycled silver at Com-Forsa for a long time.

I know what you’re wondering right now: how is it possible that if you’ve been buying recycled silver for a long time, we haven’t told you until now? Quite simply, because sometimes we are so focused on other aspects of the company that we forget to tell you about important things like this.

For some time now, one of the questions you have been asking us the most via chat, email, telephone… Is whether the silver you buy is recycled. And that’s when we realised that we weren’t telling you that anywhere.

That’s why from now on you will find this icon on all products that have been made from recycled sterling silver. This way you will be able to identify and buy the items that are made with recycled silver.

recycled silver symbol

Although we could put them in almost all products, as we always try to recycle as much metal as possible in our manufacturing process.

I’m going to tell you how we work, so that you can see that the recycling process is 100% real. If you have been following us for a long time, you will know that on the last Tuesday of every month, we carry out our OUTLET DAY.

During a year, you can buy our discontinued items with a discount. If at the end of the year there are still unsold items we will remove them from sale.

Then, we take them to our workshop where they remove stones, enamels… Once the pieces are clean, we deliver them to a foundry where they refine the silver.

Once this process has been completed, the silver is returned to us and it is then that we divide it into several blocks to be distributed among our suppliers so that we can continue manufacturing.

For example, in this same foundry is where they make silver wires, silver sheets, refined silver and solder… They always use our recycled silver to make these products, so we know that you are buying recycled silver.

recycled silver

With the rest of our products it is the same, but we can’t assure you that it is 100% as some pieces only contain 50% recycled silver.

At Com-Forsa we are committed to helping to improve the environment and make this profession a little more ecological, although historically in jewellery we have always worked by reusing metals.

Buying recycled silver has never been easier and this information will help you to understand our manufacturing process, so don’t forget that Comforsa will always be your reliable supplier of silver for jewellery.

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