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Bippity, boppity, boo! Magical gift ideas for mum

This phrase is just as magical as our new sterling silver collection of pendants.

This week’s date is named after one of the most iconic phrases from our childhood.

It’s a magical phrase that can turn Cinderella’s rags into a princess’ gown.

I know, I know…

While you’re reading this, you’re living out that magical moment where her fairy godmother solves Cinderella’s problems in a minute and gets her to the ball.

When I was little, I waited countless times for my fairy godmother to arrive and turn me into a real princess! Don’t deny it, you’ve dreamed about that too!

Well, there’s a reason I’ve been talking about childhood memories and once I show you this collection, you’ll see why!

Gift ideas for mum

Since we’ve talked about Cinderella, we need to acknowledge that her stepmother wasn’t exactly the kind of mum we know.

No, because our mothers were magical and special!

Below we’ll give your some gift ideas to surprise them on their day.

Sterling silver 925 magic wand pendant

So this is why I kept talking about the fairy godmother… A magic wand to wear with a child or grandchild’s initial to remember how important magic is to them.

This pendant can create a magical bracelet or put on some hoop earrings.

Sterling silver 925 magic wand pendant with glitter

For real magic lovers, this shiny wand is perfect. I would wear it as pendants on a pair of earrrings.

Available in sterling silver.

Sterling silver rainbow pendant

A pendant with a ring of colour made from little zirconias.

Available in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver.

Sterling silver personalised hand pendant

This pendant is perfect for Mother’s Day. Available in sterling silver and can be engraved.

Sterling silver Mama pendant

A fantastic pendant to put on a necklace. Available in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver.

Sterling silver earring with zirconia in different colour options

Available in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, these earrings are adorable for any outfit. There are 6 options for the stones: Rubi, Tanzanite, Jet, Capri Blue, Lemon, and Orange.

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